THE EXCHANGE is an invitation to commune with the trees and bring forth STORY.
So, go to the trees and write. Anything. As few or as many words as you like.


Shropshire/Herefordshire borders, 2016.

As this weaving meanders its way forward, we will start to explain how we propose to thence enact an unusual EXCHANGE.

You pledge us 'currency', by way of your written or spoken (recorded) words. We then agree together what is their value, and enter into a dialogue as to how we might exchange this currency to:

  • Plant a TREE of known and specified motherage/lineage - you choose your specimen. A link to all the saplings will be posted in early Spring 2019, once they have completed their 2018 Lammas growth
  • invite you to help us sew your story to the world through our periodic published books, under THE MYTHAKULON / TELLING TREES PRESS
  • develop a brand new method of shared ownership of land, for us to plant our oaklings around existing ancient trees

This is all still emerging, so have patience, all will become clear, bit by bit, all in good time. You're not supposed to understand it yet. The Mythakulon wants you to go and visit the trees, spend time with them, and write and talk and celebrate.

Like we all used to ...